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DocMode – “From Learning to Practice“

The Global Platform for Outcome based Learning in Healthcare

Our vision is to become an integral part of the Healthcare Professional’s daily routine with essential resources for their Learning and Practice

Mission: DocMode aims to create a value-based Online Learning experience for Health professionals globally.

DocMode understands the need of constant learning among all individuals in healthcare which is a field that is evolving every single day.

DocMode is a platform that provides authoritative, comprehensive and interactive learning programs for Health Professionals - Doctors, Nurses, Allied and Medical Students - across the world. This Medical content is created, reviewed and presented by Leading Medical Schools/Universities, Medical Associations and Subject Matter Experts/Key Opinion leaders who are focussed to effectively transfer knowledge, as well as communicate and network with each other through our Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs and Online Courses.

Along with learning, DocMode creates an environment where healthcare professionals can interact with the faculty via discussions board attached to each CME and Course as well as take advantage of our performance assessment tools to better their clinical acumen in their daily medical practice.

Apart from catering to a healthcare professional’s needs in Learning, DocMode has become a platform for various players in the Healthcare space to reach out and engage doctors. With our huge doctor base in a wide range of specialties- from general practitioners to Consultants and to super specialists, we are looking at doctors to be more involved and improve the healthcare environment across the world.

DocMode constantly encourages Scientific, Evidence-based practice, Documentation, Inter-professional, Cross-industrial learning, Doctor-Patient interaction, Research Work and Training Skill-based Courses.

Why the name DocMode?

DocMode is a combination of two words. Initially “Doc” which is a popularly used short form for Doctor and “Mode” which means Modus Operandi, procedure or practice. With the focus of DocMode aimed towards bettering Patient outcomes, thus updating skills and acumen of every Healthcare Professional who assist the doctor is a critical part of our philosophy.

“Doc” is now an acronym for “Deliverer of Care”

From Learning to Practise

With our Slogan, DocMode is reiterating our commitment to the Learners and educators, that every Learning experience on its platform is result oriented with measurable outcomes that can be observed in improving their practise.

About our Logo?


Our Logo and the vibrant colours are selected to encompass our mission and philosophy of learning in healthcare.

The Four Arrows represent the coming together of Knowledge seekers and Knowledge givers.The white-space in-between the arrows represented as a medical plus sign is the tabula-rasa or blank slate of the human mind, in which we learn and unlearn constantly.

The vibrancy in colours and shades, represents a shift from the monotonous way that medical and healthcare imagery is generally denoted, we state with gusto that learning in scientific healthcare is exciting.


For the past 8 years, DocMode has become a recognised brand for ethical continuing medical education in South Asia, having trained 150,000+ doctors

DocMode’s R&D focus has also led to a patent award for a digital nutrition tool


Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

Director of E-learning International Council of Ophthalmology

Dr. Brian Pinto

Chief of Cardiology at Holy Family Hospital - Mumbai

Dr. Ramesh Mehta

Founder President of British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO)

Dr. Shirish Hastak

Group Director - Neurology & Stroke Services at Wockhardt Hospitals

Dr. Mangesh Tiwaskar

MD Governing body of Association of Physicians of India - API

Dr. Sanjay Pujari

Director and Chief Consultant, Institute of Infectious Diseases (IID) - Pune

Dr. Duru Shah

Scientific Director of Gynaecworld

Dr. Sanjith Saseedharan

Head of Critical Care at Fortis SL Raheja Hospital - Mumbai

Dr. Shehla Shaikh

Consulting Endocrinologist - Mumbai

Advisory Board

Anwar Feroz Siddiqi
Hon. Health Industry Advisor to the American Association of Physicians of India (AAPI) origin, USA; the British Association of Physicians of India Origin (BAPIO); and Global Association of Physicians of India origin (GAPIO).

Gabe Rijpma
Sr. Director Health Industry - Asia

Parag Agarwal
Previously Co-founder and CEO of Imagine Health (Singapore)

Kenneth Paul Lewis
Strategic Team Coaching and Guidance
As a seasoned entrepreneur and consultant Kenneth has experience of working closely with more than 300+ organizations over the past 18 years. He has studied Electronics Engineering from Nagpur University, India and holds 16 certifications in the field of Coaching, NLP, Human Resource, Human Behaviour, Training and Leadership development.He is the Founder and Director at Purpose Trade International Pvt. Ltd. Kenneth provides Purpose Trade with strategic investment and productivity advise to grow its global trade and business opportunities.
He is also the Director at Seven People Systems Pvt. Ltd and at Atlas Learning Pvt. Ltd both HR and Management Consulting firms based in Mumbai, India. He also advises at Grassroutes Journeys Pvt. Ltd. He is an empanelled facilitator and consultant with Psychological Associates, U.S.A, Duke CE , EDA (APAC) and Hemsley Fraser, UK.Read more about him here.

Hans Albert Lewis

Founder & CEO

Paulson Paul

Founder & COO

Hemant Brahmane

CTO and Product Head

Shweta Patil

Head of Channel Partnerships