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About the Course

Module 1: Clinical pearls for diagnosing COVID-19 – Identifying early is the Key
Date: 22nd January 2021, 7:00 PM,
Experts: Dr Amita Nene , Dr Vijai Kumar

a. Unending pandemic
b. Transmission dynamics of SARS CoV-2
c. Varied clinical manifestations
d. How to distinguish between Flu and COVID?
e. Precautions while examining suspected COVID-19 patient
f. Diagnostic tests
 i. RT-PCR, Rapid Antigen, Antibody
 ii. Radiological – HRCT
g. Recommendations by Indian bodies (ICMR/State)
h. Clinical pearls for diagnosing COVID-19

Module 2: Management of home quarantine COVID-19 patients
Date: 5th February 2021, 7:00 PM
Experts: Dr Rajesh Swarnakar, Dr Neeraj Gupta

i. Home quarantine patients
 i. Symptomatics vs Asymptomatics
 ii. Analyze the Risk
j. Why Antivirals are necessary
 i. Herd immunity – Far-fetched in reality!
 ii. Transient Antibody response
 iii. Prolonged RNA shedding
k. Early antiviral benefit
 i. To curtail clinical course & Transmission
 ii. To avoid the progression
l. Therapeutic options - HCQ & Ivermectin
m. Role of favipiravir
 i. Key profile & pharmacology
 ii. Global evidence & Recommendations
 iii. Indian Phase 3 results
n. Recommendations by Indian bodies (ICMR/State)

Module 3: Management of high risk COVID-19 patients
Date: 19th February 2021, 7:00 PM
Experts: Dr D. J. Christopher, Dr Indranil Halder

a. Clinical spectrum of COVID-19
 i. Mild, Moderate, Severe and Critical
b. High risk patients for disease progression
 i. Advancing age
 ii. Comorbidities
 iii. Raised biomarkers
c. Triage as per the Risk score
d. Consequences of progression in High risk patients
 i. Cytokine storm
 ii. Multiorgan inflammatory damage
e. Early antiviral benefit
 i. To curtail clinical course & Transmission
 ii. To avoid the progression
f. Therapeutic options
 i. Non-hospitalized
 ii. Hospitalized
g. Role of monoclonal antibodies
h. Managing complications
i. Recommendations by Indian bodies(ICMR/State)

Module 4: Long haulers of COVID-19
Date: 5th March, 7:00 PM
Experts: Dr Raja Dhar, Dr G. C. Khilnani

j. Chronic COVID Syndrome
k. Which lingering symptoms are common?
 i. Coughing, Chronic fatigue, Body aches, Joint pain, Shortness of breath, Loss of taste and smell,
 Difficulty sleeping, Headaches, Brain fog
l. Who are at risk of becoming long haulers?
m. Long term sequel
 i. Lung
 ii. Heart
 iii. Coagulation
 iv. Brain
 v. Kidney
n. Evolving role of Post COVID clinic

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